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Our upcoming products
We are small start up that developed a system to assist the IT industry in reducing their energy consumption costs. Our system, expressed in our upcoming products, provides data centers the IT assets that contribute beyond their single dimension purpose. Our systems are two dimensional in that they may be a router, switch or virtualized blade system that provides energy as its second dimensional function.
Corporate enterprise data centers across all industries

SMB data centers in all industries


Cloud, Remote Storage and SaaS provider data centers



Government data centers

Military data centers in all branches

Recreation - Hotel/Casinos
Online video presentation of our pre-manufactured prototype models of our upcoming products
The online videos below cover the details about our prototype TGS Server and Switch models. To truly appreciate and understand the results of our work please view all of the videos. Our video demonstrations are covered in two series:
Anatomy of a TGS Device Part I covers:
Introduction - What is a TGS device
Basic operational behavior
How the unit generates energy
Benefits of our system
Anatomy of a TGS Device Part II covers:
Boot up process
Powering simple loads
Benefits of our system
TGS produced power conducting mechanical work
Shutting down process
Benefits of our system
Anatomy of a TGS Device Part III covers:
Scaling TGS Devices Part I covers:
Scaling TGS Devices Part III covers:
Scaling TGS Devices Part II covers:
Scaling the energy generated with more than one TGS device
Powering loads with scaled energy
Charging UPS battery
Benefits of scaling our system
Series and Series Parallel TGS source configurations
Charging UPS battery with Series/Parallel TGS configuration
Powering small Ethernet switch solely with scaled TGS energy
Scaled TGS server light show
Scaled TGS server energy storage and discharge arc welding show
Benefits of scaling our system
TGS devices and Data Center power power distribution architectures
Replicating DC distribution system for demonstrations
Converting TGS produced DC to AC
Powering an enterprise class Ethernet switch
Introducing the TGS Switch prototype
Benefits of scaling our system
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