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We believe the time has come for the IT industry to recognize, utilize and integrate Thermoelectrics to capitalize on the increase demand of computing resources and waste heat generated for power generation in most of its devices. Devices that exhibit high amounts of joule heating range from standalone servers, densely populated blade and rack based systems, High Performance Computing(HPC) and supercomputer platforms, appliances, routers, switches and firewalls. Also, not excluding ups systems, within system power supplies, power distribution and any form of heat or temperature gradient(hot or cold) generated due to computing or power distribution/transforming related work can also be utilized as a source of harvesting energy.

AMI has started on this course by developing a system to utilize Thermoelectrics to help address the data center power consumption issues the IT industry faces. Our approach and system of utilizing thermoelectric technology helps us maximize and scale the Seebeck coefficient which leads to improved consumption to production efficiencies. AMI has developed data center devices(servers, routers and switches) that utilize the thermoelectric effect from commercial and developing state of the art Thermoelectrics(Nano/Thin Film/MEMS) TEGs to generate electricity from the waste joule heat components. The energy generated has a monetary value to it and can be used to offset the amount and cost of energy required to conduct similar work in the data center.

About Applied Methodologies, Inc. (AMI)

AMI is a technology consultation and research firm located in Wantagh, NY. AMI has provided consulting services to corporate enterprises since 1995. AMILABS is the research and development arm of Applied Methodologies, Inc.  AMILABS is also an online data communications and general Computer Science laboratory that is available for students and professionals to study various networking and computer industry technologies. It was through our research that TGS was born.

In a venture such as AMI TGS, our intellectual properties are our primary assets. Some of our intellectual properties may include formal U.S. and foreign patent applications, issued patents, trademarks, copyrights,  trade secrets, design methods and approaches, whitepapers, plus functional prototypes.
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Formed in 1995 as a private IT consulting practice.

Developed idea in 2006.

Proof of concept server prototypes tested in 2007.

Proof of concept switch prototype tested in 2008.

Jeffrey J. Sicuranza

Currently owner funded

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Interested in investing in a company that has developed a novel idea, approach and prototypes to help in the effort to reduce data center energy costs plus assist in the process of transforming the data center to produce energy then please contact us at +1 516-796-9607
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