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Some of the Thermoelectric OEMs utilized in our work presently and in the near future



TOE - TGS Offset Effect
The Thermoelectric Generation System Offset Effect(TOE) is the culmination of the offset energy generated from a system with integrated Thermoelectrics.

TOE can be summed up as the consumption to generation ratio of a TGS device(server, router or switcch)

TGSx - TGS Scaling Exponent
The multiplicative scaling of systems producing TOE in a data center.

The number of TGS servers required to be in operation to generate usable or surplus TOE power to power another TGS or non TGS device completely off grid.

The number of TGS servers required to be in operation to generate usable or surplus TOE power to achieve a measurable ROI.

The details of our system and approach are discussed in the white paper. However, below are some basic illustrations outlining the concept behind our system and products. Click on any thumbnail below to launch the slide viewer.
TGS overview
Per heat source example with percentage example
TOE ROI 1 for whitepaper
TOE Modles
TSGx figure
TSE drawing
Thermoelectric manufacture's video outlining potential uses of Thermoelectrics similar to our application.
Basics of Thermoelectric process in our systems
Conceptual  overview of the   Thermoelectrics process.
Below are videos and slide presentations covering the basics and mechanics of the Thermoelectric process to provide insight about how our systems utilize such technology to achieve value in the form of energy generation.
Thermoelectric manufacture's overview of the process.
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The technology behind our system
good ac to dc for website
TGS TOE AC DC distribution input points
TGS TOE AC distribution architecture with DC support inputs
TGS TOE DC distribution architecture DC support inputs
TGS TOE DC distribution inputs
TGS TOE DC distribution with Intermediate bus input points
TGS Server bank for web site
TGS rack
TGS Presentation on the value and contribution our systems provides the IT industry
TGS presentation
Our version of “Green”
Our products produce energy while they work. That energy produced has value and can be used to offset the energy costs(reduce cost)  required to conduct the same work in the first place thus,

Work performed (measured) = an amount of energy produced(measured)

We do not consider ourselves a "green" company even though our web site reflects the color. We just like the color green. We consider ourselves the "QUITE" green".
Feeling the Heat:
Berkeley Researchers Make Thermoelectric Breakthrough in Silicon Nanowires