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News and Press Releases
News/Press Releases

AMI begins prototype refinement and recursive work.

Wantagh, New York, Fall 2009

AMI is currently working on the TGS prototype product refinement for demonstration and manufacturing. AMI is also working on the recursive feature of our products.

Legacy news from our original work:

AMILABS Develops the Industry's First Truly Green Ethernet Switch.

Wantagh, New York, October 31st. 2008

Applied Methodologies, Inc.(AMI) research division AMILABS, is pleased to introduce the industry’s first truly green switch. Dubbed the ThermoGreen Switch™ it is an Ethernet switch that generates energy while switching packets. The energy generated can be used to power other devices externally, used to offset the energy required for higher speed Ethernet protocols and to assist  or eliminate the the need for complex protocols such as IEEE 802.3az. The energy generated could also offset the energy required for IEEE 802.3af or IEEE 802.3at Power over Ethernet specifications.

AMILABS Develops the Industry's First Truly Green Server.

Wantagh, New York, October 1st. 2007

AMILABS in eWeek

Applied Methodologies, Inc.(AMI) research division AMILABS, is pleased to introduce the industry’s first truly green server. Dubbed the ThermoGreen Server™ it is a server that can not only comply to current energy efficient green standards but also generates energy in the process. AMILABS is currently developing other ThermoGreen Systems™ such as a ThermoGreen Router™ and ThermoGreen Switch™.

An example application of this technology would be to turn your data center into a small power generating utility. While your data center assets continue to work in their respective manner they are also co-generating energy with no impact to their operating condition. The energy generated from a data center’s servers or other ThermoGreen Systems™ can be used to offset data center power consumption costs and contribute to global green initiatives.

Each individual ThermoGreen Server™ can recursively use the energy it generates to reduce its own draw of power supplied from the local utility. Equally the ThermoGreen Server™ can distribute the energy generated from multiple ThermoGreen Servers™ onto a power distribution network to scale the energy generated as a whole for other uses. 

A ThermoGreen Server™ can comprise of any type of computing platform and form factor from any manufacture. Older servers can be converted to a ThermoGreen Server™ to generate energy while still being employed. OEMs can build new servers as ThermoGreen Servers™. ThermoGreen Servers™ utilizing 80 Plus type power supplies and low idle wattage main board based systems can assist in reducing power consumption costs even further. 

A ThermoGreen Server™ or system is environmentally sound, RoHS and Energy Star 4.0 compliant.

Energy can be generated from one or more ThermoGreen Systems™ thus turning your data center assets into a small power generating utility.

For more information about AMI’s ThermoGreen Server™ and other research information please go to http://www.amilabs.com/thermo.htm

AMI strongly believes that the United States is still the leader in technology and science innovation.

Spring 2010

Online video demonstrations of TGS prototypes will be available.