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802.11 Wireless




AMILABS is providing the following study aids for students and professionals working on achieving their CWNP CWNA, CWSP and CWAP certifications. Please submit any questions, corrections and enhancements to

802.11 PHY FRAME DIAGRAM  Outlines the various 802.11DSSS/802.11/HRDSS and 802.11 ERP PHYs.

802.11 ERP PHY FRAME DIAGRAM  Outlines the general 802.11 ERP PHY for 802.11a/g

BEACON MAC FRAME TIM IE  A table outlining the various TIM/DTIM bit settings.

AMILABS 802.11b/g protocol trace library  An FTP repository of trace files for the student to use in their studies. All kinds of 802.11b and 802.11g frames captured using AiroPeek. Can be displays in AiroPeek demo versions or using a free version of Packetyzer.  Tips for reading the trace file names

ws = workstation(wireless client)
ds = distribution system a device on the wired side
ap = access point
PS = power save

Most of the traces with the words long and short are referring to preambles but some will refer to slot times so look carefully.

Note: Study aid contributing credit goes to the following CWNP forum moderators, Criss, Kevinator and Devinator.