The Case for Thermoelectrics in the Data Center
How integrating Thermoelectrics into IT systems assists in reducing data center energy consumption.
Wireless RF Security Audit of a  major NYC Insurer's Investment Division
An RF cell size, packet and spectral analysis plus a general network security audit of a new deployment of Access Points for an investment division in the corporate headquarters.
Quality of Service(QoS) Strategy and White Paper for a NYC Utility
Covers QoS design and implementation for a Cisco based multiplatform enterprise client. A custom QoS command line toolset is also featured.
802.11 MAC Frame Protocol Exploits Hack the MAC project
In-depth protocol mechanics analysis, at the 802.11 MAC and PHY layers, with emphasis on research and implementation of Denial of Service and disruption exploits of a wireless cell and active 802.11 stations on the cell.
Cisco Catalyst 6500 core backbone surgical upgrade procedures from Hybrid to Native mode with upgrade to Supervisor 720
Applied Methodologies, Inc. was engaged to convert two major core backbone switches from Hybrid to Native mode. This entailed converting configurations from Catalyst OS to IOS, test compatibility of many different blades with Supervisor 720s and position the upgrade to take advantage of the new Supervisor's switching fabric mode and expansion capabilities. The link above outlines the cutover procedures from Hybrid to Native.
Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition (SCADA) Dynamic Network Protocol (DNP) Analysis
(A protocol analysis of a SCADA application issue running DNP v.3 over TCP/IP)
Low cost, Open Source, distributed protocol analyzer solution saving enterprise customer  almost $500,000.00
Diagram of Low Cost Open Source  Distributed "sniffer" solution
Developed a solution to provide the ability to conduct protocol analysis on all major network segments using current NYC Utility assets and Open Source software. This approach provides a system that is flexible and saved the enterprise almost half a million that would have been spent on a commercial system that would not be used often.
Sample corporate web page to access "sniffers" anywhere there is web access within the enterprise.
Solution's points and issues
Multiprotocol Label Switching(MPLS)LAB for NYC Utility
Applied Methodologies, Inc, built an MPLS lab for NYC Utility for testing of MPLS across its Core backbone and enterprise.
Coarse Wave Division Multiplexing(CWDM) PtP Case Study
Broadband Wireless ISP and VoIP over Wireless Proof of Concept Venture project
(Business and technical research into building a WiFi based last mile broadband service)
Cisco Router Interface Protocol Exploit
(Protocol analysis and breakdown of a major 2003 exploit's mechanics)
AMILABS assists the general network security community by demystifying a Cisco IOS protocol exploit.
During the week of July 14, 2003 Cisco Systems made public a security advisory in relation to a major and potentially devastating IOS packet exploit. This exploit can render a router useless if executed against a router's interface. The exploit covered many levels of IOS releases and was a general threat to Enterprise and ISP customers. The Cisco security advisory can be found here for more detailsCisco Security Advisory
AMILABS on 7/18/03 reviewed the advisory from Cisco and conducted tests to verify the exploit's behavior. By conducting forensic protocol analysis exercises against the exploit, AMILABS was able to discover additional behavioral aspects of the exploit that Cisco and the general security community were unaware of. AMILABS published the protocol testing results to the general security community via message boards and mailing lists. Cisco also requested the findings of AMILABS and updated their advisory to include the results from AMILABS.
A copy of the published report can be downloaded here for your review and compliance testing.   CISCO PROTOCOL EXPLOIT
AMILABS was also featured in eWeek in regards to the Cisco security advisory. The article can be reviewed here:   Cisco Vulnerability in Check
Wireless Security Audit of a Utility
(Basic wireless Access Point enumeration report using shareware tools)
Wireless Security Audit of a Life Insurance company
(Basic wireless Access Point enumeration report using shareware tools)
EIGRP Routing protocol Migration White Paper for a Utility
(Strategic routing protocol migration plan to redress enterprise routing issues)
Post EIGRP Migration results report for a Utility
(Results of migration and remaining issues report)
Cursory Infrastructure Review of a Utility
(A cursory review of an enterprise's routers and switches for tactical direction)
Forensic Protocol and Application impact analysis for a Health Care company
(In-depth analysis of a critical application that affects the financial operation of a major health care provider)
Asymmetrical Routing example
(A simple example of what an asymmetrical routing path looks like using Cisco CLI)
Frame-Relay & Cisco - DLCI extended address bug analysis
(Protocol analysis of a Cisco IOS bug causing unnecessary DLCI extended address use)
Oracle Application issue discovered via Forensic Protocol analysis
Forensic protocol analysis proves that delays incurred via an Oracle based application was not network induced but development induced.
Application of an Applied Methodologies methodology (Medical Model) for an application performance issue
Use of the Medical Model method of problem solving to present an application issue to developers and management
Applied Methodologies Rooftop Stumbler Project
AMILABS wanted to test several different types of wireless 2.4GHz antennas for 802.11b/g PtP, PtMP Wisp and VoWI-FI applications. Also, AMILABS wanted to see if the local neighborhood can be stumbled from the rooftop using Netstumbler  This project was only for educational purposes and the intent was to learn more about the characteristics of RF and Wireless security. The main goal was to mount the antennas for general WI-FI technology testing. The results are posted here to help educate the general WI-FI and security community.             
Some legacy Research Reports and Analysis papers
Client Server application suite network impact report
A management report on the performance of newly distributed network based two and three tier client server applications for Y2K.
Token-Ring SRB, IPX and NetBIOS protocol analysis
Analysis of a NetBIOS-LLC II based application behavior on an enterprise Token-Ring infrastructure.
Tactical IPSec L2L VPN for Bank MPLS Provider backup architecture
Tactical Cisco ASA based deployment procedures to provide network failover support of MPLS WAN during merger.