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What is a TGS?

A Thermoelectric Generation Systems(TGS) is an IT system such as a server, router or switch of any platform type employing Thermoelectric technology. Simply put, our systems utilize Thermoelectrics to convert waste heat or any form of temperature gradient within the IT device to usable energy. With Thermoelectrics integrated in our systems these devices now have a second dimension to their respective IT role, energy generation. The energy generated from the work these systems would normally conduct in the data center has a value and can be used for many purposes. For example, one important purpose is to offset the cost of energy consumption in the same data center.

Spring 2010  TGS Switch prototype refinement in the works

Fall 2009/Winter 2010  TGS Server prototype refinement and recursive work begins for pre-production/manufacture units

April 2009
  PCT applications filed
April 2009 Patents disclosure
March 2009 TGSx prototype Server scaling successful
October 2008  First TGS Switch prototype developed
October 2008  Utility Patents filed
October 2007  First TGS Server prototype developed
September 2007 Provisional Patents filed

Upcoming Products
TGS Servers
TGS Router
TGS Switch

Intellectual Property
Several patents, pending and provisional

Currently owner funded

Wantagh, New York
AMI envisions a future where the data center not only runs efficiently by utilizing today's green technologies and programs but also generates energy to offset the cost of the energy it consumes. That is the second dimension to our products. If every device(router, switch, server, mainframe, or appliance) in the data center utilized Thermoelectrics as part of their system design and manufacturing standard, the data center can be transformed into a energy generating power plant. These systems can, for their operational life, generate energy that would be included into a larger pool of capacity for many applicable uses. It was through this principal that we derived our Enterprise Energy Vision.
For detailed information about our systems and approach
and our Enterprise Energy Vision please read our white paper below and visit the Technology and Products sections of our site.
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News and Quick Facts
Taking byproduct energy and using it to generate usable energy for a greener data center......
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    The Value of our System

Reduces energy consumption costs in the data center.

Offsets the cost of energy for other uses - such as cooling, lighting and powering other IT devices.

Reduces OPEX and system TCO.

Complements PUE and DCiE metrics.

Increases operational value and life of
system - functional "futureproofing".

Contributes to and complements the many green, conservation and "sustainability" solutions employed in the data center today.

Complements Virtualization technology.
Additional video demonstrations are available on our Products page...