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What is AMINET (Deprecated)

The information from this project is provided here for the use and benefit of others working on outdoor WiFi related projects.

AMINET is a wireless network that will encompass many communities in NY. The ultimate goal is to provide ubiquitous WIFI based internet access to every home and business. AMINET will provide a CHOICE to consumers for broadband internet access over the cable and Telco industry monopolies.

Goal: To provide just as or if not better internet access to the home but via wireless last mile technologies at a much reduced cost to the customer and at lower CAPEX and OPEX costs than a traditional last mile provider, thus passing on the savings to the customer.

Provide access to new  communities such as retirement developments, low income housing and new residential neighborhoods.

Provide access to residential and business customers that are in areas of NY that do not have last mile cable or DSL internet access

Provide/build out a WIFI honeycomb cell network that can provide local residential and business to business phone/voice service at lower rates than cable and telecom providers currently provide or possibly free as a feature of using AMINET for internet access.

How can this be done? With the advent of lower cost and much improved commercial and consumer wireless technologies the marriage of ubiquitous wireless access for voice, data and entertainment is approaching rapidly. Why use your cell phone for slow internet access to get messages or email when your laptop or PDA can accomplish the same thing just like your PC. That laptop and PDA can and will(someday soon) also become your phone. The idea is that the technology is converging to the point that your PDA can and will become your phone, full application and web browser, email and IM client. All the power of a traditional PC on a broadband connection will soon be available in much smaller forms like the laptop, tablet PC and PDAs. You get PC power in a mobile form factor. Just like using a wireless hotspot but now in your home, yard, at the beach or a park. 

Applied Methodologies goal is to provide the wireless infrastructure for this revolution to take place.

AMI has started a project called AMINET that consists of  several phases to determine the technical and financial feasibility of providing such a service to the general public.

There will be three Phases


 Phase I Proof Of Concept

Proof of concept for basic WISP functionality, VoIP over wireless, security and billing. This phase will provide answers to the practical and feasible use of current commercial and consumer grade wireless technologies by conducting a set of proof of concept tests. These tests will comprise of building out various single or multi cell WISP technologies and testing many types of applications, especially VoIP over wireless utilizing advancements in SIP based products.

Initial Phase I Documentation




Phase II consists of applying the results from Phase I and creating a custom service that can be applied to a small set of customers.  MALLNET is one example where in small strip malls internet and business to business phone service can be provided. The MALLNET cell can allow the business subscribers to place their menus and advertising on a local mall site. The MALLNET cell will also allow hotspot access thus to attract visitors to the mall. This same approach can be applied to new communities being built out or to new or existing retirement home communities.


Phase III Expanding coverage and financial backing for growth

Depending on the outcome of Phase II additional locations can be built or the MALLNETs linked together. Obtaining the financial backing for a much larger rollout of the service to the general residential and business community.

Additional information regarding AMINET's progress, proof of concept results and findings will be published here accordingly.

AMINET's general information and polling website is now up.