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On Adaptation and Change

"Adaptation means not clinging to fixed methods, but changing appropriately to events... Those who can adapt to the situation are victorious... those who face the unprepared with preparation are victorious... The means of victory is determined by the enemy... The ability to gain victory by changing and adapting according to the opponent is called genius"
SUN TZU "The Art of War"
To succeed in today's business environment an organization must be able to adapt to change quickly and efficiently. With rising costs to do business and the growing global competition, an organization must implement its business rules and technology efficiently and quickly. These applications and technologies must be open to change and growth. The approach and methods of doing business today are scrutinized more than ever. Thus, the profound quote mentioned above must be applied to an organization and its competitive philosophy.
Our Services  
Technical and Engineering
Project and Management Consulting
  • Full Stack Solutions Architecture planning and deployment
  • Cloud technology, solutions and strategy
  • Enterprise scale network LAN & WAN design, implementation, upgrades and migrations
  • Data Center Network design, implementation and upgrade
  • Software Defined technology consultation - SD-WAN & Cloud integration
  • Wireless network architecture, troubleshooting, RF analysis and security
  • IPv6 design and implementation
  • Application impact analysis and network performance tuning
  • Forensic network troubleshooting and protocol/traffic analysis
  • Smart Grid - SCADA - IoT systems over IP network analysis and design
  • Data Center and MDF/IDF room construction design and build
  • Data Center energy consumption analysis
  • Convergence and Unified Communication Technology integration
  • Network Analytics guidance for improved visibility and predictive automation
  • Artificial Intelligence(AI), Machine Learning enterprise adaption guidance


  • Strategic and Tactical IT Management Consultation
  • Project or Operations analysis for maximum CAPEX and OPEX achievement
  • Technical Project Management
  • Business to technology process analysis and engineering
  • Vendor agnostic CAPEX proposal and RFP analysis
  • Automation and DevOps analysis
  • Supplemental(staff augmented) engineering services
  • Engineering talent recruiting assistance
  • Training in network technologies and staff mentoring
  • Policy and Procedures analysis
  • Technical documentation analysis



Applied Methodologies, Inc. has been offering technology based consultation services to hundreds of  Fortune 1000 plus small to medium sized commercial and non-profit organizations since 1995.

What separates us  from other consulting firms is our unique approach to solving business and technical problems with a structured process.

We understand the history and future of Computer Science and Information Technology to a point where we can apply our structured process around any business or technical issue and generate premium results.

Our clients expect quality in results, not mediocrity and our methodologies apply quality at every stage of a project.

The use of proven methodologies provide us the ability to meet our client’s requirements efficiently.

We offer our confident ability to handle complex new, re-integration or migration projects by drawing upon our experience and judgment to plan and accomplish goals related to our clients complicated projects.

We exercise a wide degree of creativity and honor in our work which is a critical attribute to our success for our clients.

Our approach of applying proven methods to different technologies enable us to offer reliable and consistent services to our clients without having to become an expert in every facet of Information Technology.

This approach in itself provides the client a high level of results without the increased diverse cost of specialization.

There is an industry axiom - that many firms become product driven and eventually apply the same product to every customer problem.

Our approach also prevents us from becoming product or solution heavy biased.

Our approach to solving problems is based on relationships and characteristics of a specific business problem and  technology.

We understand our client's goals first then determine what is the best approach to use to achieve such goals. If our approach relies on certain products, we can granulize to our specific expertise or recommend the proper expert. Our methodologies and approaches are very structured to ensure all requirements and details of a client’s needs are identified and met.
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