Welcome to the Applied Methodologies, Inc. Lab or AMILABS for short. AMILABS is the research and development arm of Applied Methodologies, Inc.  AMILABS is also an online network and general Computer Science research resource that is accessible from your office or home. The lab's purpose is to provide you the tools and resources necessary to  test a network/application change before committing such changes on your own production network. The lab can also be used for testing network, application, protocol and security technologies or learning new networking, protocol, server and application technologies.

AMILABS is an online data communications and general Computer Science laboratory that is available for students and professionals to study various networking and computer industry technologies. The lab consists of Cisco routers, switches, Agilent, IBM, Dell, HP and other vendors networking products. The lab also contains various servers running Microsoft and Linux operating systems. The lab provides a SCRATCH PAD environment for a student or professional to learn new or sharpen existing skills plus provide a general research environment. The lab grew out of AMI’s Consulting business research arm and Cisco certification requirements and was originally used for CCNA through CCIE preparation  and many other general industry certifications such as a the Red Hat Certified Engineer, CWNP or CISSP security exams. The lab also lends itself for testing hacking exploits on the operating system and protocol levels.

The lab is now used only for AMI's internal use and for use by it's consulting clients exclusively

The lab can help you in upgrading your skills or act as a test bed for a solution you have been planning. So, welcome aboard and enjoy your research or training experience.
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The  Physical Rack based online lab is no longer provided to clients. The lab environment has been completely virtualized on several high powered laptops with tools such as VIRL, GNS3, UNetLab including many other virtualized networking, server and development platform tools for internal and client use only. We can bring these tools to your site for the following needs:

>>> Design - SDN, Network Architecture, Server, Applications, DevOps
>>> Simulation of designs for testing of features, options and operational/deployment behaviors
>>> Connectivity to your production or lab environment to test components of a design
>>> Sandbox testing of an appliance vendor's solution or bake a new operating system configuration
>>> Education/Training
>>> Protocol analysis and custom packet development
>>> Security and stimulus tool testing and development

AMILABS also provides additional Protocol/Spectrum analyzers and Kali tool based laptops to our clients.

The Old lab information is listed here for historical reference purposes.